I have a deeply painful confession.
I live my life plagued by depression.
But please don’t get the wrong impression.
My remedy is self expression.
I want to help the others cope.
To turn away from booze and dope.
To give them just a little hope.
So that they never tie a rope.
Around their neck, just like my dad.
I hope they never get that sad.
To think that they don’t have a choice.
I hope that they will hear my voice.
So they will know they’re not alone.
Their mind is not worth being thrown
away because of how they feel.
It’s not too late to take the wheel,
and travel to another place.
To take some time and get some space.
To realise their true potential.
That nothing is inconsequential.
They affect the world, it’s true.
So do I and so do you.
You can give your pain away,
or save it for another day,
All that I am here to say,
Is I know of a better way.
Don’t repress or be aggressive.
Find an art and be expressive.
You’re allowed to just feel sad.
Feelings by themselves aren’t bad.
It’s what you choose to do with them.
Let them be and don’t condemn
yourself because you have a heart.
Listen, I know you are smart.
You know pain won’t last forever.
Feelings come and go like weather.
This will pass and you will see
love from friends and family.
That make you glad that you are here.
So please release all of your fear.
Let yourself be sad a while,
but soon remember how to smile.
Choose to live a life of love,
and make a choice that you’re proud of.
Sometime’s it’s the choice to live.
For myself I choose to give
Guidance to those just like me.
And tell them how I learned to free
myself from pain that hurt a lot
To not give into one bad thought
that tells me I am not enough
and makes me feel some painful stuff.
Thoughts can hurt but must have fuel
Listen to this simple rule.
Love yourself, and don’t believe.
Thoughts that cause yourself to grieve.
They will soon just go away
and you will live another day.
One last thing I need to say.
Someone here needs you to stay.

Stay strong.

by Jennifer Sanderson