Maybe the answer is PIE?

When life is so hurried,  calm awareness is an invaluable commodity. It’s one of those basic human needs some of us often fail to prioritize and overlook altogether. Often it is when you feel the most anxious and rushed that you need to slow down and take it easy more than anything.

It can be hard to shift into a more relaxed state of being. I found this to be the case while studying for exams as a student. I was stuck on a very perplexing calculus problem and as I was hopelessly asking aloud what the answer could be, my partner suggested that the answer was Pie.

Now at first I thought, “Yeah sure, you are probably just guessing.”  Since sometimes the answer to these calculus questions was in fact Pi.

He said, “No, not pi, pie!”

I was so annoyed because I just wanted to solve the question that I was stuck on right then and I didn’t want to be distracted. But after laughing at me he explained, that I had been too frantically trying figure out my problem, and that maybe I just needed to take a step back and eat some pie for a while.

I was skeptical, but the Pie sounded tempting, so I went for it.

I sat. I ate. I breathed and I had a moment of silence. I enjoyed the pie and I smiled. With a calmer mind I decided to look at the problem again from the beginning and,

“Ah ha!”  I finally found my answer. I laughed so hard when I realized the answer because that was what I did to figure it out. 8 PI!

I think back on this a lot and it reminds me that maybe we all should make more time for PIE.




Take a step back. Get out of your own consuming thoughts a while and experience something that makes you happy. Maybe its the fuel you need to keep on keeping on.