RIP Uncle

Roger Sanderson
My uncle was the master, of making people smile,
He had a certain swagger, and always rode in style.
To some he was a legend, to others purely beast.
But every family dinner, you know he’d have a feast.
To feed the ones he loved, and bring us all together.
He touched so many hearts. I know he’ll live forever.
Through memories we treasure, stories we hold dear.
But holiday’s won’t be the same, in any coming year.
I remember sadly, a time without his presence.
I was in the courtroom, for that final sentence.
I could barely believe, when he walked free again.
No more 3 way calling, or visiting the pen.
I’m so very happy, he got his second chance.
To write a different story, and find a new romance.
He was more than my uncle, he was my good friend.
Ever the protector, loyal to the end.
When I was a baby, he helped me learn to walk.
And when my mom left me with him, he chased me for a block.
He always had his family’s back, in some way or another.
With the stubbornness of his father, and kindness of his mother.
His Sanderson tradition was taking off his shirt.
Singing till he can’t no more and trying not to hurt.
But we know that he went through hell, and had it pretty rough.
Yet even in his final days, he tried to play it tough.
He’ll always be remembered, for his jokes and for his songs.
Hosting karaoke nights, and many sing-alongs.
All his crazy antics, and art that he inspired.
Everywhere that he went, he always was admired.
He defined our family, he gave his heart and soul.
Since he has departed, none of us are whole.
Uncle there’s no other man, that’s anything like you.
Never in a million years, will someone fill your shoes.
Love you rest in paradise.
For my dearly departed uncle,
Roger Sanderson