I can do hard things!

It’s something I have to remind myself all the time! I can do hard things!

I have been doing so much learning since the pandemic happened this year and lately I’ve been learning a lot about the brain and the science of habits. I am taking some advice currently from the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear and learning about how habits are like short programs we create that help us free up our conscious mind for more pressing tasks.  Many programs play like this for us, we don’t often consciously think about something like walking up the stairs yet we do it, one foot after the other. It is a pattern we repeat without thinking.  I am, as suggested by the book, re-evaluating all of my current habits, and trying to make that which is unconscious conscious and decide if they need to change.

When it comes to habits, those that stick with us easily are the ones that define who we are, and are associated with our identity. How often do we think, ‘oh, that’s not my thing!’? This often dictates what actions we take and habits we form.

Today I am taking the time to remember that I am someone who can do hard things. I have a Computer Science Degree, four wonderful children and a loving husband. Recently I have managed to gain the most progress I ever have in my life in regards to growing my nails long after stopping biting them. This is a habit I have struggled with my entire life, but I have proved to myself that even my oldest bad habit can be broken.

Additionally I have been forming strong educational habits with my children, and most notably my son, whom struggles with ADHD and was far below his peers in reading assessments. By forming a daily habit of practicing our reading together and through a wonderful program which focused on short and consistent practice, we have improved his reading far beyond what I could have imagined.  I am so proud of him and of my progress as his teacher in addition to his mother during a pandemic.

We can do hard things!

I am a person who is passionate about inspiring people! The next habit I am going to work on is making short and regular contributions to my platforms for sharing inspiration with all of you. I love you all and look forward to sharing more success stories with you.

I wonder what new way we can improve our lives next?