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Hi I’m Jen.

Some know me as Jennifer Sanderson B.Sc. – Software developer and others know me through my visual art.  My passions are to inquire and inspire.  Light is at the heart of everything I love to do, from Painting and Photography to learning about Physics and Astronomy. I am enthralled by research and exploration and I thrive on creating beautiful and flowing visual and user experiences. My livelihood is in the domain of Web Development, but in my down time its all about photography, digital art, and acrylic or airbrush painting.

I’m a originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As a Metis person, I have always been inspired by my rich cultural heritage and that of my Indigenous friends in Canada. I am humbly grateful for all of the wisdom and inspiration I have gained from their teachings throughout my life and the influence of their art.

I currently reside in British Columbia, Canada where I am in daily awe of the scenery around me and always on the lookout for a beautiful new angle to share. Exploring this beautiful province is one of the greatest gifts a person can have in life and I’d love to share the experiences with you.

If you want to see some of my photography check it out here.


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Jen Sanderson, Metis, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Female, Role Model, University Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

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